Weekly FX Analysis 27/3/17-31/3/17


Weekly Direction : Bearish (BBD, Hot Money Attack) shows bearishness
Day Direction : Bearish
H4 Direction : Bearish (Breaks box below, in down LR channel)

Conclusion : Trade downside for the week.

Weekly Chart

HOT MONEY ATTACK (Weekly Chart USDJPY) : bearishScreenshot_20170327-012344

Bankers Rhythm (Weekly) : Bearish

BBD Diff (Weekly Chart) : BearishScreenshot_20170327-012432Screenshot_20170327-012444Screenshot_20170327-012459UJ_weekly_summary_24-3-2017_H4

Election day : a way to detect bottom price

Bankers chip is a good indicator to detect bottom price for UJ, STI,  KLCI, and post election, end of retracement on Gold after a good bull rush on election day. 

Gold after a good run, retraced to 1270 area, BC did a good job to detect the EOT. 

USD JPY end of retracement detected well.

Downtrend end detected in KLCI