Life as a trader again

After back to pure trading world as a freelance trader… 

I m Able to trade as I wish again. 

Today is my first trade after being freed.

M30 GU short@1.31

TP1@1.3060. Win 40pips. TP2 still pending. 

6/7/17 EU trade plan

Market misinterpret Draghi. EU rallied. Market realized that, Mkt retraced. Now market finally absorbed sense that draghi may in fact shift away from QE policy, and slow down QE, which is positive for EU. 

Plan to long EU using fib retracement level and time Zone.

Weekly FX Analysis 27/3/17-31/3/17


Weekly Direction : Bearish (BBD, Hot Money Attack) shows bearishness
Day Direction : Bearish
H4 Direction : Bearish (Breaks box below, in down LR channel)

Conclusion : Trade downside for the week.

Weekly Chart

HOT MONEY ATTACK (Weekly Chart USDJPY) : bearishScreenshot_20170327-012344

Bankers Rhythm (Weekly) : Bearish

BBD Diff (Weekly Chart) : BearishScreenshot_20170327-012432Screenshot_20170327-012444Screenshot_20170327-012459UJ_weekly_summary_24-3-2017_H4