11-6-12 NQ premarket

Oscar is bullish today. Accuracy = 2/4.

US INDICES (ES, NQU2012) September 2012
Posted: 06/10/12 17:08 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 06/11/12


Please watch this video for todays technical opinion.

OMNI Camp will be over in 2 days. We will continue with the detailed OMNI recs once OMNI Camp is complete. I hope this video keeps you in tune with Mondays expected market movement.

60min Chart
We are neutral on the direction. Either way is possible, looking at 60min chart. In fact, we are more bearish. Plan A-D we will stick to it should any of them happened.

ES daily chart
Oscar’s bullish signal comes from his daily ES chart, which shows a breakout to upside. But looking at our own daily chart, its really how u draw the trendlines and interprete the chart. Here we see both way is possible, we need confirmation to know the direction.


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