18-6-12 NQ premarket

Oscar is bullish today. Accuracy = 2/6.

NASDAQ EMINI (NQU2012) September 2012
Posted: 06/17/12 17:14 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 06/18/12


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First, I would like to personally wish a very happy, healthy and peaceful “Fathers Day” to all you hard working Dads (and single Moms) out there. Your hard work is certainly appreciated by your families.

To all the traders out there, this market is breaking out of the Inverted Head & Shoulders pattern we have been studying together at the OMNI Trading Academy over the past week or so (see chart posted below). I believe the market continues on this path again on Sunday / Monday, at least at the onset of trading this week. Remember, we have had trouble stringing several days in the same direction together lately so be ready for unexpected market turnarounds this week.

For this session today, we are starting off in the BULL CAMP. The OMNI wants to “buy a dip”. As we approach the OMNI entry level I will issue a Flash Update to get you ready to enter. Stay alert! Tonights trading session is expected to be a volatile one.

60min chart
60min chart we are long bias. 2 long pt, and 1 short pt.

15min chart
Current situation looks bearish. We may get a MACD long signal tonite, or a box long signal.

We shall skip the MACD short signal if any as we are long bias tonite.

Taken into consideration 15min chart,
we shall adjust the entry pts of 60min chart to the following:

A:long @ 2590 (in line with Box long signal)
B:long @ 2560 (in line with MACD long signal)
C:short @ 2530 (in line with Box short signal)


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