29-6-12 NQ premarket

Oscar started off neutral, then shorted @ 22.30 Chicago time today morning.

S&P 500 & EMINI (ESU2012) September 2012
Posted: 06/28/12 18:35 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 06/29/12



We will start off with a neutral posture allowing the markets to gyrate a bit before entering in to any positions. I will say this. The OMNI is still in the “sell the rally” mode and will likely work from that approach unless the market has a major rally and changes complexion. Until then we stay the course.

1st Flash Update for S&P 500 & EMINI 22:54:17 OST/EST

A NEW FLASH UPDATE HAS BEEN POSTED. For realtime flash updates and detailed trading recommendations click HERE

60min chart
We are bullish bias today. Daily chart is bullish also.

A retracement may be possible, thus plan B is to utilize the retracement to make some small profit, before going on long again.
Plan A and C is to prepare to long @ safe pts.

15min chart
In consistent with 60min chart, we can only look at MACD short today, @ 2540 , or Box long @ 2570.


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