Week2 Jul12 Premarket analysis

So whats installed for us this week? =)

after a refreshing weekends, I am looking forward to a profitable week2 of Jul 12. Exciting!

Daily NQ
Bullish. With 38.2% as support, we look forward to see the index move higher towards 2620 -> 2660 (38.2% Fib Ext target) -> 2700 -> 2800.
This will be the max limit the index can advance for this week or even this mth.

60min chart
60min chart is neutral. At 2620, it can go up or down.

It can go to 2640. which will confirm an uptrend. or it can go to 2600, which shows uptrend is not strong, and below 2590, its reversal to downtrend.

15min chart
15min agrees with 60min that 2620 is a pivot pt, and can not be a safe entry pt. to long, hv to wait for 2630, and to short, hv to wait for 2590 / 2610 if its
up above 2630, and reverse back down below the box again.


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