16-7-12 NQ premarket

Oh yes baby, 3rd week of July 12. Oscar is uptrend today.
Accuracy = 4/7.

NASDAQ EMINI (NQU2012) September 2012
Posted: 07/15/12 17:57 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 07/16/12


Oh the fickle life of a futures trader. One day were sellers, then suddenly before we can blink an eye we become buyers. Dont expect it to be any different today. All last week we were “sellers of rallies”. This week we start off right out of the chute as buyers of dips. I hope weve all taken our “heart medications!” Buckle up OMNIACS!

Today, OMNI wants to buy into a dip on the NQU12 or ESU12 markets. This particular OMNI rec pertains to the Nasdaq market (NQU12). I will issue a Flash Update with buy levels and stop suggestions as we approach the OMNI entry levels.

60min chart

15min chart


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