Oscar bullish today. Accuracy = 6/11.

NASDAQ EMINI (NQU2012) September 2012
Posted: 07/19/12 22:18 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 07/20/12


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The Nasdaq (NQU12) once again looks like it wants to move higher on Friday. The ES looks bullish as well. If you look at the 30 Year T- Bonds, technically they look bearish which should push NQ and ES higher. OMNI wants to buy a dip in NQU12 as we approach the 26XX.00 – 26XX.00 area. Place protective sell stops B E L O W 26XX.00. OMNI profit objectives are 26XX.00, next objective equals 26XX.00 then possibly as high as 26XX.00 if the bulls stay hungry. I am traveling tonight so please be sure to react as we approach the OMNI reaction areas. Ill be back in Vegas in a few hours

60min chart
Bullish bias. 3 long pt, 1 short pt.

15min chart
Long @ 2660 (Plan A)
Short@ 2630 (Plan D)


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