25-7-12 NQ premarket

oscar is bearish again today. Accuracy = 8/13.

S&P 500 & EMINI (ESU2012) September 2012
Posted: 07/24/12 18:29 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 07/25/12


Once again, OMNI is pointing STRAIGHT DOWN in ES / NQ / Dow for trading on Wednesday. OMNI has specific levels it will sell into if the market rallies a bit. I will issue a Flash Update complete with stop loss suggestions, entry and exit levels as we approach the OMNI reaction areas.

Daily Chart
Range : 2500 – 2550
Outlook : reach support level. If break triangle support will be big downtrend coming.

60min chart
Range : 2500-2540
Outlook : Within downchannel. Breakout of channel has to be above
2550 to be consider reversal up. If not, naturally is falling tonite.

15min chart
Range : 2510 – 2540
Outlook : Below 2510 is box short. Above 2540 is MACD long.
Now price is at lower part of box. 73pt range box means SL must be
20pts today.

Premarket Setup
Long @ 2550
Short@ 2510


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