1-8-12 NQ trading

10.30pm our local time, NQ has a clear MACD short signal generated by my system TE2.0. Thus its a short before breakout. Breakout expected to be downside.

NQ short @ 2635 area.SL= 10pts, TP = 10pts, 20pts each.
At the same time, EU pair showed similar pattern for MACD, Stoch.
EU short @ 1.2300 area. SL=50pips, TP = 50pips. 100pips each.

At 12.15am, NQ is clearly down, but EU still not down. Downtrend confirmed, can add contract to EU.

At 2.15am, NQ down big, EU followed down big, downtrend started. Take profit1 @ 2628 for NQ, TP1 @ 1.225 for EU.

At 4.00am, market close, EU TP2 @ 1.222. Total EU profit = 50pips + 80pips = 130pips. Close NQ trade. NQ TP2 @ 2630.

Total NQ profit = 10pts + 5pts = 15pts * $20 = $300.

1 trade per day. $300 profit from NQ, $130 profit from EU pair. Total profit for the day = $430.

Its a tough range bound day 1/8/12, and thats how I have played it. = )

NQ 15min TE2.0 signal

NQ 5min chart

Trade manager

EU 15min chart


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