14-8-12 NQ premarket

May break out of uptrend channel, and accelerate faster up.

Long @ 2730-2740 area is ideal for a breakout.

It may also retrace back into the channel, of coz a short will be ok below 2700.

60min chart
Uptrend is more possible, and long @ 2740 is appropriate.

15min chart
MACD is in +ve region. EU/CF is +ve. Price is flat now.
More bullish than bearish.

Oscar signal
Oscar is bullish too.

NASDAQ EMINI (NQU2012) September 2012
Posted: 08/13/12 22:55 OST/EST
For Trade Date: 08/14/12


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Once again the theme remains the same. OMNI continues to point us towards trading the upside as does the Nasdaq market itself, its daily chart formations along with almost all technical indicators available today. I say thats compelling enough evidence to go after another buy on Tuesday. As the NQU12 dips into the high to mid 27XX.00(s) we should react by buying at market while its dipping (when it comes).

Place protective sell stops B E L O W 27XX.00. I will issue a Flash Update with projections once the trade is in play.

Long @ 2740
Short @ 2715


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