September 2012 Week 4 Analysis

DJT Daily
Range bound. Below 4900 is downtrend, if not up to 5000 is back to the range.

ES Daily
More room downside than upside.
1400 is the next support. Breakout pt is 1460.

NQ Daily
2800 is immediate support. 2750 next support. 2850 is breakout.
Immediate retracement is expected for this week.

EU Daily
Due for immediate retracement.
Above 1.300 is breakout.

Crude Oil Futures (@CL)
Looks like in the process of retracement, 50% is possible.
But if retracement has ended now at 38.2%, Then breakup to 23.6% will confirm a resume of uptrend.

Gold Futures (@GC)
A retracement seems due. 1800 is breakout pt, and if retrace to 1720
area, then 1750 will be breakout pt.

US Treasury Bond 30yrs Daily
Uptrend is likely, thus supporting possible retracement for ES.


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