23-10-12 NQ/ES premarket

Ha, Oscar cant admit he’s wrong to short yesterday, and make the following comment :

“The OMNI, on Monday, called for mid-day profit taking of all short positions and alerted us to early warning signals the bulls might come charging right back. By late Monday afternoon that is exactly what transpired. The ES and NQ rallied into the late minutes of the day.

For Tuesday, OMNI wants to follow this market up a bit higher and see if this thing gains legs.
OMNI says it should. Lets see what happens.

OMNI wants to go long the ESZ12 as it approaches the 14XX.00 – 14XX.50 level”

So basically he’s bullish today.

I am also bullish bias.

A good price to enter long trades for today will be :

GCZ12 (Gold E-mini) : 1725
ESZ12 (S&P E-mini) : 1425
NQZ12 (Nasdaq mini) : 2680


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