Week 5 of October 2012 : 29/10/12 – 31/10/12

DJT Daily
Still pretty much sideway, no direction.

ES Daily
Retracement of uptrend found support at 1400. May cont uptrend from here, and will reach 1420 by 31/10/12.

DJI & NK Daily
DJI found support at 9800. A rebound is possible, in consistent with ES uptrend.
NK found support at 9000.

NQ daily
A further sliding towards 2600 is possible. Confluence of Fib support will hold price at 2600 and a rebound from there on.

Gold daily
Gold has support at 38.2% Fib, 1700 area. Will go up from here.

Oil daily
Downtrend is the strong for Oil compared to others. But its also at support of downtrend channel. Its fallen below 61.8% Fib support,
thus a bit risky for long now. Just have to wait for it to go above 61.8% Fib to consider long.

AAPL daily
600 is strong support. Also its 61.8% Fib support. Should go up from here.

Overall, bullish bias for the week (next 3 days).


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