23-11-12 NQ system on Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving, Santa Rally, Christmas season. All these are perceived to be a short bullish period for the US stock market.

Taken this fundamental view into consideration, yesterday’s TE 2.4 system signal is not used. We use TE 2.3 System signal only.

This means we only long upon breakout. We didnt utilize the reversal signal to short, which would have made a loss.

TE2.3 is 15mins system (Day trading NQ), while TE2.4 is a 60min longer period system (Swing trading NQ).

TE2.3 system signal
Long @ 2610. This signal will win 15pts by market close. Long early is the advantage of 15min chart system. 1 hour chart can not capture this early outbreak, and thus TE 2.4 cant give this long signal.

TE 2.4 system signal
Short @ 2630. This system will lose 5 pts by end of market. The uptrend is simply too strong. The reversal didnt happen.

TE 3.3 system for GOld Day Trading
GOod signal at 1735. All 4 contracts are profitable.


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