20-2-13 NQ trading

CL3 signal
All 4 FX lines opened up nicely by 6am Chicago time.

EU,AU up, UCHF, UCAD down. Thus its big downtrend night expected for tonite.

True enough, its downtrend of 50pts.


Mkt end

TE 2.3.10
In big trend night, We avoid using StocX, and thus avoided loss from the signal last nite.


TE 2.4.5
60 min charthas also given us hint that dont do counter long, as BB is lower than SD Grid.

We must wait for SD to be below BB before we can trade, and when that happen, there is no more signal, and thus we can avoid loss from this long signal too.


Note that CL2 is not that effective last nite, as US dont move much, and only clues are from GC dn big premarket, and later CL down at 10am, which may say that we are more certain the trend is down and not up.
US didnt go above +10, and thus didnt confirm our downtrend signal. CL3 performs better last nite.



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