Turtle Program 2014

Absorb the failure in CP Internship, i make it a challenge to get internship training right the 2nd time.

I identified causes of failure:
(1) Interns are not committed full time. They took a lot of leave, and cant come everyday.
(2) The mentor Raymond is always not around. The mentor must be hand holding the interns on daily basis.
(3) The program starts with Idea Generation. I believe in spoon feeding again. Dont expect interns to think out of box. They cant. Show them the box. make them think within the box. Encourage them to expand the box.

100% time commitment from mentor + interns. With more comprehensive materials, content, 3 months full packed training program. I want to prove to Raymond, it can be done right. Once and for all. I don’t admit defeat.

Also, before internship begins in Oct 2014. The Turtle program on 5/7/14. I will need to teach 1 technical strategy within 1 day, and let the participants make $$ with the strategy. Turtles have 2 weeks. Mine has 1 day.
Is it impossible? Its the delivery method. How effective I can make it to be.

I believe I can do it. Will update again on the result and outcome of the event.


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