Oct 2017 Week 4 (23/10/17 – 27/10/17) FX Trading

System # 1 is in Long positions now for all xxxUSD pairs, based on D1 longer term chart. The macro is long term USD weakness against all others because of Geo-political risks (eg. North Korea, Trump risk, Rate hike cycle data disappointments) until end of 2017.

System#1 D1 Charts are mostly still bullish (except NU) :


System#2 is now in Short positions for all xxxUSD pairs, based on H4 medium term chart. Macro factors are short term strength of USD due to Fed new chairman hawkish + Trump administration hawkish + Short term Risk On mode.

Below are current positions of System#2 :


System # 3 is now flat and waiting to enter LONG trades to hedge System#2.

Below are the Queued Long pts of System#3.



Oct2017 Week3 FX Setup


Oct 17 week2 system #1

EU: long@1.1700 M15 chart Ichi breakout +retracement n H1 Ichi breakout 1.1750

GU : Long @ 1.3070. M15 chart M15 Ichi breakout 

AU: Long @0.7770 M15 chart Ichi breakout 

NU:  Long @0.7090.m15 Ichi breakout